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Wix Code

Coding and database interface for the Wix Editor

System planing, product and design for advanced users who know how to write code. After launching, this product became the most important one for the company. As part of my job, I collaborated with product managers, content writers, marketing teams, developers, graphic designers, BI specialist and the management of the company. At a later stage, I worked with a full team from Lita, including UX designers and developers. As part of this product, I managed a large scale research about developers needs, interviewed users around the world, conducted usability tests, collaborated with the marketing department towards a launch in New York, and followed the use of the product after launch. In Wix Code, users can create websites in the Wix platform without limitations. Connect elements to live data, create forms, animations, and custom made solution for their site. This is a large scale product that contains many screens and options. Here I show a few of them.

My role: UX lead  |  Employer: Wix  |  Client: Wix

#fff010 is Odin Shadmi  |  Enjoy using my things after contact and with credit  |

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