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Future Play Event

Co-Creation Art Experiment

In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Nieuw en Meer art community, N&M artists collaborated with international and local artists in a free event, where the public was invited to play with art and nature. As part of the event, we hosted talks about the future of art, free spaces and cultural experimentation both in Amsterdam and across the world. In the event, we held an exhibition of art and connected it to the "Treasure Art Hunt" game, where visitors participated in a game through the lands of Nieuwe Meer to discover hidden treasures. Over 100 pieces of original art were given away as prizes. This was part of the Anthropocene Park initiative to redefine creative, experimental spaces and defend Amsterdam’s cultural innovators.

My role: Website creation, content & design, event documentation & social PR, artists hosting  |  Done with a group from Amsterdam and Tel Aviv | Amsterdam 2018

#fff010 is Odin Shadmi  |  Enjoy using my things after contact and with credit  |

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