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Allegory of the Lamp

Interactive installation

Neve Sha’anan is a neighborhood in the south of Tel Aviv that is the center for refugees seeking shelter in Israel. This area is known for being dangerous, but when I moved to the neighborhood, I discovered a place of life. Children, mothers and fathers, just trying to live a normal life.

In this project, we wanted to confront the viewers with their own fears, and show them how reality is. We created 3 “magic lamps” that are turned by the viewer, containing shades of daily life we captured in the neighborhood. While spinning the wheel, visitors would hear sounds of the streets we recorded. The result is a playful experience, releasing the fears and prejudices they had.

My role: Project lead - Production, concept, design, managing build process & more  |  Done with FUGARA group | Night Light Festival, Tel Aviv, 2018

#fff010 is Odin Shadmi  |  Enjoy using my things after contact and with credit  |

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