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Amsterdam Journey



30 08 20

Create a blog

Tomorrow school starts. As the person I am, I was spending the night reading everything I could. As part of the syllabus of the crash course starting tomorrow, they recommend creating a blog or a sketchbook of the year. I thought it's a nice opportunity to create a journey journal for this whole thing I call "going to Amsterdam". So here goes.

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 3.37.30 AM.png

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31 08 20

First day - research from abroad

It was the first day of the Master. We started a bootcamp about design processes. Angella Mackey and Nicolai Hansen gave us presentations about this topic, and we got a brief for this week, about keeping social distance and more Covid regulations.
with groups of 4 (Oh yess another Israeli in the program!) we did a field research of one target group - 18-30 new-to-the-Netherlands students and expats. The three in Amsterdam did the interviews, while me at home created the questionnaire, and the base for the presentation of the collected data.

Together, we talked about it, and came out with a few take outs. Tomorrow, they will present it in class (that sits in a wonderful space and I wish I can be there already.)

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02 09 20

Affinity Board + Ideation 

September started. Big time this year. I haven't had September 1st for years. It was always October, when the University studies start, or something like 2002. Those two last days were intensive. It started.

Tuesday we had a lecture about Affinity Board, and did an exercise together on the data we collected. Ihsan, a teammate, said we should find a creative way I can present too. It challenged me. I thought and suggested I record part as a video. They liked it. I made one but they didn't have time to present it. not too bad. But yesterday... It was also a hard day of online connections, and in general a hard one. But I managed. To ask for what I needed, to do my plans. (Ikea time. Buying boxes to finish packing). Today (OMG it's only Wednesday and those Europeans have it until Friday evening. It's a really long week. Am I the only one feeling like that? And why am I writing like there's an audience? I didn't even put in on the Code, hmm, I want to say Covid? Ah! Corvid, yet. And as I'm writing, I'm thinking this should be a long post, so I can see how it looks and start creating myself a platform. Anyway, where was I?)

So today. Wednesday. A great lecture by Paul. A good connection with the online class and our team. We worked on creating ideas for the thing. At the end of the day, they went to look for a spacesuit (an Idea I suggested as a joke) an I prepared the video presentation for tomorrow). This was fun.

My day ended in a drive around the krayot and Haifa, picking up food to celebrate family birthdays. I drove over bridges and highways, around endless apartment lights from tall buildings, and I was thinking that the dystopian futuristic world we imagined years ago through movies, is coming true. I thought how hard it is to not see trees. Open edges. Air of trees. How it turns something down. I also thought that what we show, can come true. For years art was creating things that weren't there yet, but later came to life and the artist was considered like a profit. Like jewel Verne and his submarine.

But what I think, is that showing a future will make it come true, because that's the example we put in the world. I understand more and more that in order to have a different future, we need to imagine a different future. To show what is possible, not only show the thing we are warning from. I think I want to try to do something with it. To show a possible future where we live in harmony with nature. Or create prototypes for products that make it clear how it's possible to live.

Ok. As we say in Hebrew: "I was digging". 

Good night. (and now - to redesign the blog here :) )

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24-28 08 20

Pre-week: A visit from the future

Well, I guess it's time (since I've been to my kinda-of step sister's house with normal WiFi,, I downloaded and uploaded the summary video of last weeks (and the please laugh one which is so sweet). The point of that week was to look at the city from a new perspective. It's sweet too.

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