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16 11 20

Starting the MiR

Today I've started my Maker in Residence. This is basically two weeks of priority to the lab of the MDD, to do a project.

I've had this idea of the lonely city installation, and I even started working on it - made 2 houses of boxes I've found in the studio, but realized I don't have little batteries and dimmers to try the led lights. NTS - bring on Wednesday.

But then I came across (oh well, it was sitting right above me) a box with the title "biofeedback sensors". I got so excited. I was thinking about the Biofeedback dance project I was a bit involved with. I did the first logical thing - I took this box to the other studio, where Miru and Ruben were sitting. She directly went looking online for what's in one of the kits. It was nice to watch. I got a bit worried I overshared, but it's always a good thing to share. So I've learned - I also looked at what's in the kit. It was a long list of sensors, and I'm not sure it's too easy to understand. And to do something with the heart rate sensor is just... old news.

But then I got home. And this heartbeat sensor kept beating. While walking with Meggie, I had an idea - two heart beat sensors connected to a computer. Two people sitting on chairs. Maybe in front of a camera, maybe in the same room. They try to make their hearts beat together (is it even possible to control?). Then something great happened. Rainbow colors. Something. I imagine me talking in class about the feeling of connection.

So I looked a bit online and found a really nice tutorial on how to work something basic with one sensor. The question is now how I connect it to a computer, make them two, compare them and display them, and calculate when heartrate1/heartrate2=1 (and somehow with a threshold).


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