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Amsterdam Journey



14 09 20

Magic Machine

Design processes lesson. We made a magic machine - something that does something, that can help with a basic human need.

I choose the need to be validated, seen, and made a good vibes machine. If I think I'm trach, this one will tell me I'm mega!


We had only one hour for working. It bumed me. It made me go with my firest idea, after those conclutions I had about not to. But I had no choice, because there was only one hour.

So I folowed my first idea, and I learned that when you do, you can look at what you've done, and there's a thing to talk about. To refer to. Somehwere to start, and it's only with the price of one work hour.

But - the energy putted into this one hour is major. It took a lot. Maybe I would prefer to think a bit longer, and then get this hour of extreme. 

At this class we met our team for the first time, and they seem nice :))


#fff010 is Odin Shadmi  |  Enjoy using my things after contact and with credit  |

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