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13 09 20

Data+Matter week reflection

Sitting now. It's Sunday night, I'm in Nofit. I just finished a long day of moving my house from Tel Aviv to Haifa. I try to reflect on last week. It seems so long ago, but it's still this week.

I'll look back on reflection and how to do it, as taught by Angela.

(Just in an art-poetic moment I noticed how humble I am. Like I don't know anything by myself. Something to examine).

Angela - We did X, how did it feel, what was good and what didn't work.

I would like to have my own way of reflection. But for now, let's learn this one.


It was a challenging and satisfactory week.

  1. Step 1: Speculating on the fork way of thinking: With the group, we did the fork in a not perfect way. It was easy to do it this way, because the template was in the program. But I think next time I would like to sketch the fork on a piece of paper, so I won't be tied to the program I use. I think this could help see the events on the timeline better. But doing it this way was feeling collaborative and energetic. It was good to talk together.

  2. The story itself: I really liked the story I wrote. I think that the way I speculate was easy and deep. Next time, maybe I could go on further - not take the first idea I had. A good thing: It felt really good to have an idea and go for it all the way.

  3. The analog filter: I went out to look for natural materials. It was fun and connecting. I took too much leaves, next time go easy. Building it was fun and good, but I imagined more. I think I didn't go all the way. I went with my first idea because stress of time. Next time, sketch or give in "easier" form, and try to get beyond the first try and idea, or make multiple tries. I think I go too easy with the first idea, and I don't leave enough space for more to come. Don't pick your first idea.

  4. Presenting the analog filter: I didn't present mine. Only a few did. I don't know if it's not being pushy, or being shy, or thinking it wasn't not good enough - but this didn't feel so nice, but not a big deal. A conclusion will be: This is high level studies, fly :))

  5. The digital filter: Those two days I also tried to work on personal things and to pack. So, I didn't give it enough attention. I was busy with finding an apartment in Amsterdam and only joined the work later. I felt like I was slow and unable to learn new softwares. Now I can see that I didn't give it enough of my power. I don't think I could have done it differently since I am busy at the same time with preparing for leaving, but maybe: Have more self faith and stay calm, you need it.

  6. My part in the exhibition: My story wasn't printed. I put it in the file itself, but it wasn't hanged. Next time, make sure I send the needed information.

  7. The final result: Was good. Answered the brief. But, I think I'm not pleased. I'm very proud I did it, and I showed my friends in Israel and I saw I was proud, and that it was impressive and opened more connections. I think it goes with my last ideas: Go beyond the first idea, and see that the level is high so aim high.

  8. Bonus: Involving people from my life is fun and brings me energy and understanding. Gil who I took the mouse from (another thing I had to do this week. It was lovely and gave me focus on what to do and some reflection). Talk to my people, involve them.

  9. Another thing I remembered: I was added to the printed matter team, luis even asked if I could lead it. My instinct was to say I'm busy with everything going on in my life, and I haven't started my filter yet, but I didn't. I waited a bit. English is not my first language so it makes me less quick to respond, for good and for worse. So i didn't say anything. But I knew my limit. I didn't do much of the work, mostly one other student named Sophie de Haan, but I did manage to manage: went to all meetings, I said what needed to be done, and I followed the work being done, until I said I had to go back to my own business. So in a way, I used my gentle managing and organizational skills to make the thing I was asked to do. It felt nice.

  10. And a nice little thing: I made everyone wear their analog masks in the video class we had, and asked them to speak so they could be seen. it was perfect. I was active and involved. Felt good, this little moment.

Oh, and some photos of the presentation and the filters.Nice reflection. Nice week.

Luis said at the end of the presentation, like we are in a movie: "welcome to M.D.D!". Everyone clapped and that ended the whole week.

+ And my friend Mor :)) 


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