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01-02 09 20

Affinity Board + Ideation

September started. Big time this year. I haven't had September 1st for years. It was always October, when the University studies start, or something like 2002. Those two last days were intensive. It started.

Tuesday we had a lecture about Affinity Board, and did an exercise together on the data we collected. Ihsan, a teammate, said we should find a creative way I can present too. It challenged me. I thought and suggested I record part as a video. They liked it. I made one but they didn't have time to present it. not too bad. But yesterday... It was also a hard day of online connections, and in general a hard one. But I managed. To ask for what I needed, to do my plans. (Ikea time. Buying boxes to finish packing). Today (OMG it's only Wednesday and those Europeans have it until Friday evening. It's a really long week. Am I the only one feeling like that? And why am I writing like there's an audience? I didn't even put in on the Code, hmm, I want to say Covid? Ah! Corvid, yet. And as I'm writing, I'm thinking this should be a long post, so I can see how it looks and start creating myself a platform. Anyway, where was I?)

So today. Wednesday. A great lecture by Paul. A good connection with the online class and our team. We worked on creating ideas for the thing. At the end of the day, they went to look for a spacesuit (an Idea I suggested as a joke) an I prepared the video presentation for tomorrow). This was fun.

My day ended in a drive around the krayot and Haifa, picking up food to celebrate family birthdays. I drove over bridges and highways, around endless apartment lights from tall buildings, and I was thinking that the dystopian futuristic world we imagined years ago through movies, is coming true. I thought how hard it is to not see trees. Open edges. Air of trees. How it turns something down. I also thought that what we show, can come true. For years art was creating things that weren't there yet, but later came to life and the artist was considered like a profit. Like jewel Verne and his submarine.

But what I think, is that showing a future will make it come true, because that's the example we put in the world. I understand more and more that in order to have a different future, we need to imagine a different future. To show what is possible, not only show the thing we are warning from. I think I want to try to do something with it. To show a possible future where we live in harmony with nature. Or create prototypes for products that make it clear how it's possible to live.

Ok. As we say in Hebrew: "I was digging".

Good night. (and now - to redesign the blog here :) )


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